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International Silken Windhound Society Lure Coursing Program


ISWS lure coursing provides Silken Windhounds an opportunity to gain recognition for ability and accomplishments in this performance event. The program was originally modeled on the very successful American Sighthound Field Association program, and the Silken Windhound is now a full status breed in ASFA.

Until April 1, 2014, Silken Windhounds participated in ASFA lure coursing trials with titles being awarded by the International Silken Windhound Society. On March 1, 2012 Silken WIndhounds became a Provisional breed, and subsequently all points and placements earned at ASFA trials also count toward ASFA titles. On April 1, 2014, Silken Windhounds became a fully recognized ASFA breed.

Please see the Program description for more information on ISWS lure coursing titles.

More information about Silken Windhounds is available at the International Silken Windhound Society website.

See the ASFA website for more information on the American Sighthound Field Association.

Photo by Malinda Julien.

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